Help! What does the Worcester boiler flashing blue light and error code mean?

Seeing a blue flashing light on your Worcester boiler? Generally in boiler-speaking land, flashing blue lights mean that something has gone wrong with the unit. The light will usually be accompanied by an error code which is your best chance of working out what fault your boiler has. Don’t panic, our handy guide will explain exactly what different error codes mean.

Worcester error codes

Error Code EA Worcester Boiler

An error code of EA on a Worcester Bosch boiler means that the flame hasn’t been detected. This can be down to a few reasons, namely;

there’s no gas being supplied to the unit or the gas pressure is too low,

there is a blockage in the flue or the condensate pipe,

there’s an issue with the flame sensor,

or there is a faulty ignition electrode.

To find out whether there is a fault with the gas supply, you need to check if other gas appliances in your house still work. If everything seems to be as normal, then you know the issue is with the boiler.

Sometimes things are easily fixable on their own, however if you’re seeing an EA code on the boiler, accompanied by a blue flashing light, you will need a Gas Safe Engineer to take a look. This is due to the number of possible causes that could have come to fault. Luckily, this is us! We can be on hand if you’re not sure what the problem is, but you would like someone to check it out. Contact Synergi here.

If you are seeing any other error codes on your Worcester boiler you may be able to reset the unit to get it working again. It is important that you do not reset your boiler if you are seeing the EA error code and instead contact a Gas Safe Engineer.

To reset a Worcester boiler, press and hold the ‘reset’ button for 3 seconds. Please do not fix a gas boiler yourself, please seek the help of a professionally trained and qualified Gas Safe engineer.

Error Code CE 207 Worcester Boiler

An error code displaying ‘CE 207’ indicates low boiler pressure. Boilers commonly lose pressure overtime. You can check if the unit has low pressure by looking at the gauge, if it is lower than 1, the boiler pressure needs to be increased.

Error Code D5 Worcester Boiler (can also be EA)

If your boiler was installed after 2005 it is most likely to be condensing. All condensing boilers have a condensate pipe that sends water down a drain. During winter these pipes are vulnerable to freezing which ultimately leads to blockage. You can attempt to fix this problem yourself; by pouring hot water over the frozen blockage. However some feel more comfortable by having a professional take a look first.

Worcester Boiler EA error code

Broken Worcester Boiler

If you’ve exhausted all options with your broken Worcester boiler, or still have any questions we’re here to help as your local experts in everything boilers, plumbing and heating. Contact Synergi here.

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