Unsure whether you really need a boiler care plan? This blog post is for you! Below, we run through why a care plan is an essential part of maintaining your boiler, and will save you money in the long run.


A reliable boiler is essential for every home.

It’s one of the essential components that makes a house a home, warmth is a must! But many people take their heating system for granted and only think about their boiler when the shower runs cold or they find a leak.

In the same way that your car needs an MOT, your boiler should be serviced regularly under a home service plan to keep it in good working order.

So why is looking after your boiler so important?

For one thing, good boiler care saves you money. Regular maintenance helps you spot the warning signs of an issue before it develops into a bigger problem that’s expensive to fix. Planned services are cheaper, more convenient and help avoid the nasty shock of emergency repairs.

If your boiler isn’t working efficiently, you could also be wasting money every month by paying over the odds for your heating bill. When your boiler is serviced, heating engineers test and inspect each part. They make sure everything’s working as efficiently as possible to keep your monthly bills down.

But most importantly, poorly maintained boilers can be extremely dangerous. Carbon monoxide leaks are difficult to detect – you can’t smell or see the gas – and poisonings are potentially fatal. Regular inspection by a Gas Safe registered engineer will give you peace of mind and help keep your family safe.

How do boiler care plans work?

Boiler care plans make it easy and affordable to look after your boiler and operate just like any other contracted monthly outgoing. By paying low-monthly fees for a care plan, you can fully cover the cost of repair parts and labour, and many policies entitle you to access a 365 days a year emergency call-out service.

Synergi SW Warmcover

At Synergi South West, we offer boiler and central heating care plans to cater for everyone. Whether you have a new boiler that’s still under guarantee or an older boiler that needs some attention, our WarmCover home service plans make sure your heating system is safe, reliable and efficient.

Warmcover has 4 levels of cover to help you avoid those unexpected, costly repairs, with prices starting at just £9.50 a month. You can find the plans and their perks here, while our summary video will give you the complete lowdown.

Each warmcover plan includes a free annual boiler service as standard and 10% off all our other services. It’s the boiler care plan you can really trust for peace of mind with no excess.


Landlord? Introducing.. Warmcover Landlord

Having a heating or plumbing issue in your home is one thing, but when it’s a property you rent out to tenants the stress can be unimaginable.

Warmcover Landlord takes care of your yearly landlord gas safety inspection and certificate for up to 3 appliances(usually £102 inc VAT). But it’s the priority fast tracked service and 24/7 support that landlords particularly value.

If you own more than one property, message us for a bespoke quote to cover your entire portfolio. To see more perks of Warmcover Landlord (yes, there’s more!), click here.

So, think you’d like to chat to us about our Boiler Care plan and how we can help you? Contact us today.