In any modern home, the central heating system is a vital component. Not only does it give hot water to your home but it also keeps you warm too. If you are looking to upgrade your current system or are installing one for the first time, it is key to make the right call. But what are the best tips you can take on-board to do this?

Make sure to choose the right kind of boiler

The main part of any central heating system is the boiler which powers it. When you begin to look into having a new system fitted or are upgrading your current one, you will soon see that there are a few different options. From combi boilers to system only models, you need to know which sort is best for your specific circumstances. Combi boilers, for example, could be best if you live alone, while a heat-only model works well for properties with more than one bathroom.

Think about what size you need

Another key factor when installing a new central heating system is choosing a boiler which is powerful enough to cope. A smaller boiler fitted into a large property with 3 bathrooms, lots of radiators and high ceilings would not have enough output to keep it all running effectively. It is therefore key to choose a boiler and system which has sufficient output to handle the demands placed on it.

Look at how much space you have

Thinking about the amount of storage space in your home is another top tip. Some systems like those powered by a combi boiler take up less space as they do not need a separate hot water tank. This makes them good for smaller properties or those with hardly any free space. If you do have more storage to play with, another type of system which does need more room could be a better bet.

Get advice from the professionals

There is no doubt that having a new central heating system fitted is a big investment. One last tip is to simply speak with professional boiler installation companies to get their advice. They will be able to suggest which system is right for you.

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