To keep your oil boiler and heating system running efficiently, it?s important to employ an oil boiler service checklist. This will help prevent the issues that often lead to them breaking down or becoming inefficient. Oil boiler servicing can help in the following ways.

Boiler Efficiency

Servicing the boiler keeps it efficient by identifying and dealing with a whole range of small problems. For example, keeping the heat exchanger clean helps prevent the build-up of soot that can reduce the amount of heat that is transferred to the water in the heating system.

Replacing oil nozzles regularly stops them wearing down, in turn ensuring that the right amount of oil passes through the burner. This, in turn, helps the boiler?s combustion rate to stay efficient, saving fuel and money.

Servicing also checks that the photocells are clean. If these important safety features get dirty, they may not detect when the boiler is lit. So the boiler can end up randomly turning on and off, an inefficiency that can cost you money and time.

Electrodes are another important part of the boiler. Keeping them in tip-top condition ensures that your boiler lights properly and uses the oil as efficiently as possible.

Heating Oil Storage Tank Maintenance

Water can often build up in oil storage tanks, leading to frozen, blocked filters and pipes in cold weather. Servicing ensures that water is extracted, as well as checking that pipes are not corroded or leaking. This also ensures that only filtered, usable oil is held in the tank. Finally, the gauges will be checked and cleaned so you can be sure they are reliably reporting how much oil you have left.

Safety from Carbon Monoxide

An annual servicing of your oil boiler will help prevent the production of highly toxic Carbon Monoxide. Bear in mind that this gas is difficult to detect, so an audible detector in the room housing the boiler can also be advisable.

Synergi SW is experienced in all aspects of oil boiler repair and servicing. An annual servicing is recommended and can help you save money on your fuel bill, as well as on preventable breakdowns. Contact us today to see how can help you.