Prevent your pipes from freezing this winter with our top tips

Cold weather means cold pipes! When the temperature drops in winter, the water in your pipes can freeze. A frozen pipe can burst due to an increase pressure build up. In order to prevent your pipes from freezing in cold weather follow our top tips below. 


 Make sure you are servicing your boiler regularly 

Boiler servicing to prevent your pipes from freezing in the winterIf you know anything about Synergi SW, you will have known that getting your boiler serviced was always going to be top tip number 1.

It’s good practice to have your boiler serviced every year, as the cold spots in your system will be vulnerable in winter months. Servicing can prevent frozen condensing pipes and make sure your system is prepared for cold weather. 



The best way to prevent your pipes from freezing is to keep them warm enough to stay above freezing temperature. Insulation then, is your best friend! Pipe lagging to prevent your pipes from freezing in the winter

You can use pipe lagging for this. It can be found in any good DIY store, it’s normally inexpensive and easy to fit yourself. Focus on fitting lagging on the main areas where the cold is likely to affect the pipes.

This can be outside pipes like heating drainpipes and overflow, and also pipes in cold areas of your home like a loft, garage or basement.


Crank up the heating

It’s important to make good use of your heating system to prevent your pipes from freezing, especially if you’re going away for a while. If you’re worried about the cost, the heating doesn’t have to be high, just enough to keep the pipes warm. Not doing this could be costly in damage repair if a pipe does freeze and burst. You can also set a timer for putting your heating on too.


Get the warm air circulating

The heat from the house needs to be able to move around so it can keep your pipes warm and prevent them from freezing. If you have pipes in your unheated loft, open the hatch so the warm air can rise into the room. Similarly, keep interior doors open and if your pipes are in cabinets open them too! This will allow warm air to circulate around your home and flow better.

Fix leaky taps

British Gas have debunked the common household myth that leaving your taps dripping will prevent your pipes from freezing. Leaky taps combined with icy conditions outside can actually cause the water in your drains to freeze and force the water to flow back up to your sink, putting it at risk of overflowing. The thinking behind this myth is that water can’t freeze if its flowing, but that’s untrue. If the conditions are cold enough, the water in your pipes will freeze nonetheless. So, we recommend making sure your taps are turned off all the way, and check regularly to make sure they don’t drip and need repairing.

Shut out the cold

The key in preventing your pipes from freezing in cold weather is to maximise your home’s heat. Make sure you shut out the cold by sealing gaps around pipes where air could come in. Block out any breeze by shutting windows and sealing anywhere where you feel a draught coming in.


Pipes already frozen? This can be sorted DIY style! For advice on how to thaw your frozen pipes safely, check out this video from our top suppliers Worcester Bosch.

If one of your pipes does end up bursting, see this guide on what to do, and call a WaterSafe plumber, like us! Synergi can help with everything boilers, plumbing & heating. From leaking pipes to blocked toilets, our engineers are on hand for 24/7 emergencies. We also offer regular servicing and a full range of plumbing repairs. To find out more, see here.

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