Oil Boiler Service Honiton

Getting ready for winter!

Our Oftec registered oil boiler service engineers in Honiton are keeping busy helping our clients get ready for a Warm Christmas. At Synergi we protect our clients Christmas break by making sure they have a boiler that can keep them warm and cosy when its cold outside! If you are unlucky enough to suffer a boiler breakdown over the Christmas break we do have engineers on call for emergency repairs. Getting ready for winter with an oil boiler service is as important as getting a Christmas Tree. If you woke up on Christmas day and the tree had gone it wouldn’t feel great. Waking up on Christmas day with no heating or hot water would have the same effect!

I need an oil boiler service.

To book an oil boiler service call Synergi on 01404 234 363 or use the contact page here. An oil boiler service takes roughly two hours to complete, using Synergi means you get a detailed service with a full report. Check out our price list.?

When should I book my service?

Don’t wait for your boiler to breakdown. Act now, book ?your oil boiler service and be ready for Winter. The best time to have your oil boiler serviced is towards the end of the summer. September is a great time to act, this is because your boiler can be fully checked and set ready just before the time when you will need it most. Just like an athlete would warm up before a race, your boiler needs a service before the winter run. Having a boiler serviced before winter is also good financially. In the summer if your boiler needed a part and had to be shut down generally you can manage 24 hours waiting for a part when its warm outside however when its cold one day can feel like a week.

Give us a call and book your pre winter oil boiler service now. Next year we will send you a reminder so you won’t forget!


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