Oil boiler service Devon.

Need an oil boiler service in Devon?

Yes you do, it should be serviced every year.

Our engineers are equipped for everything oil! We focus on oil as well as gas because we’re a rural company. Therefore we can service your oil boiler in Devon!

Oil Boiler Service Cost?

More expensive than a gas service a standard oil service is ?110 + Vat! Most importantly an oil service takes twice as long, as well as parts needed. Oil service engineers, like us are registered with Oftec meaning we undertake vigorous training to meet the grade. Therefor an oil service costs can vary from ?85.00 to ?160.00. We believe cost is not the governing factor, we find reliability is key.

What’s included?

Full strip down of the boiler and burner. We clean the oil filters and test safety devices. Included in the service we install a new burner nozzle and replace flexible oil hoses. The boiler is cleaned and we check the operation in full.  We check the oil tank and oil pipes therefore leaving nothing to chance. Upon completion we provide a certificate, explain any findings or recommendations. It is important to check every aspect of your oil system.

Service my boiler?

Service your boiler, it will save you money! For a more efficient boiler keep it serviced and maintained which will also reduce the chance of a breakdown,

As well as financial benefits you’ll have peace of mind. An oil service is a chance to keep on top of the safety side of your system. Oil can be just as dangerous as gas and should not be ignored. Why wouldn’t you get your oil boiler serviced?

Choose Synergi

Local experienced engineers for oil who wont let you down. We will be in business for years to come, because of this our focus is five star customer service. Therefore our goal is retaining customers. We’re more expensive than some competitors however we offer value for money and a great service. As our client you will receive an annual service reminder and as a result of this you’ll never miss your service again.  Unsure? Check our reviews here. 

How to Book an Oil Boiler Service

To book a service! Call 01404 234 363 or use the contact page here. Our friendly team can make a booking that works for you.


  • Service you boiler yearly.
  • Check the tank.
  • Check the oil pipe.
  • New nozzle is a must!
  • New hose is a must!

Get in touch to learn more!

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