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MCS Accredited Air Source Heat Pump Installer certificate and the synergi team

Synergi SW Achieves Respected MCS Certification for Air Source Heat Pumps

Synergi SW, a local company specialising in renewable heating, is proud to announce its recent achievement of MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) certification for Air Source Heat Pumps. The MCS certification, awarded by a leading standards organisation, marks a significant milestone in Synergi’s commitment to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly heating solutions.

MCS is renowned for creating and upholding rigorous standards that enable the certification of products, installers, and their installations, ensuring that they meet the highest quality and environmental performance criteria. This certification scheme is administered by Certification Bodies with UKAS accreditation to ISO 17065, guaranteeing the credibility of certified products and services.

“Receiving MCS certification for our Air Source Heat Pump work is a significant achievement for Synergi,” said Richard Gardner, Managing Director at Synergi SW. “It underlines our commitment to delivering top-tier, environmentally responsible heating solutions to our customers. A huge thank you to the team who have worked tirelessly to meet the strict criteria of this accreditation.”

But it’s not just MCS certification that Synergi has achieved this year. The company is also new members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, Consumer Protection Association, Trustmark, NAPIT and the Trading Standards Institute. Synergi are currently working with organisations such as the Diocese of Exeter and Cavanna Homes on their low carbon heating solutions, as well as retrofitting heat pumps on homes in the local area.

For more information about MCS certified air source heat pump installation click here, or for air source heat pump servicing click here.

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