Top 7 benefits of installing a new boiler in your home


We know why you’re here. You have an old, clunky boiler that’s forever breaking down, causing you stress and draining your bank account. Your next door neighbour has just upgraded to a sparkling brand new boiler, and you’re thinking, should we do the same?


Did we guess right? Maybe!


Jokes aside, this is the time of year when we’re switching on the central heating more than ever, and powering it up to warm us up after a long day out in the cold. If you have an old boiler then you might want to consider replacing your current boiler with a newer model, especially if you’re experiencing problems with it.


So what’s in it for you? Below we explore the top 8 benefits of installing a new boiler in your home.

1. Improved efficiency

A new boiler is more efficient than an old boiler and as a direct result, you will see a decrease in your energy bills. This is because it is more economical to run, as most new boilers have an energy rating of A. This means they operate at 90% or above efficiency – result!


2. Accurate heating control of your home

New boilers come with room thermostats that allow you to control the ambient temperature of each room. This enables you to heat each room according to your need. For example, bedrooms are generally served at a much lower temperature than the living room. Not only does this create a more comfortable living environment, but it also saves money.


3. They’re as quiet as a mouse – shh!

Old boilers tend to get louder and louder as time passes, due to general wear and tear. A new and modern boiler is much quieter to run, which is hugely beneficial if situated in a bedroom. No one wants to be woken by rumbling!


4. Peace of Mind

A new boiler brings peace of mind as you won’t have to worry about safety or inefficiency.
This one is up there with the important ones, as we all know how much broken boilers can impact on your quality of life.


5. Smaller designs so you can save on precious space

Newer boilers tend to be much smaller, which means they take up less wall space. This is a huge advantage if yours is in a small kitchen or where space is limited. New boilers can even be placed in a kitchen cupboard.


6. Added value for potential buyers

If you’re looking to move house soon, then upgrading the boiler makes your home look more attractive to potential buyers. An old and inefficient boiler can hugely contribute to deciding factors when it comes to buying a new house.


7. New Boiler Bragging Rights

Ok, this one may be a bit of a joke. But, it always feels good to know you’ve upgraded your boiler to the best on the market, Synergi only install boilers from industry leading manufacturers. The Worcester Bosch boilers were rated Which? Best Buy for quality and reliability in September 2019. Talk about neighbour envy!




New boiler installation at Synergi SW

So we’ve told you the benefits, now it’s time to start thinking. If you are considering upgrading your boiler then we can help. If you’re in need of more information, check out our ‘New Boiler Beginners Guide: Top 5 tips to know when buying a new boiler‘ blog post, or watch our ‘Guide to New Boilers‘ video.

We offer new boiler installation, a boiler repair service plus boiler and central heating care plans. For the best new boiler installation deals, simply give us a call on 01404 234363 or contact us via the website today.


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