Ideal Boiler Error Codes

Help! What does my Ideal boiler error code mean?


Ideal Boiler Error CodesYou’re probably here because your Ideal brand boiler is displaying all sorts of error codes, and you’ve assumed the worst! Are we right? Let us reassure you with our guide to what each ideal boiler error codes mean.

Depending on your displayed code you may not need to hire a boiler engineer, but we would recommend doing so anyway if you’re unsure.


Ideal Boiler Error Code L5

The error code ‘L5’ displayed means there is a problem with the return. This can be easily fixed by turning your boiler off at the wall, and switching it on again.


Ideal Boiler Error Code L2

The L2 boiler code is the most common code you will see – it means the flame won’t ignite. This can happen for a few different reasons, some of which being to do with the gas pressure, or a flue blockage. This issue will need to be resolved by a gas safe engineer. Click here to contact us to help.

This code can also appear if you have a ‘pay as you go’ gas meter and run out of gas. If this is the case, top the gas up at a local shop, and then turn the power on and off on the boiler. Restarting the boiler should clear the fault code.


Blank Display

If there’s nothing appearing on the boiler display screen then this most likely means there’s no power to your boiler. This might be because a component within the boiler has failed, which you will need a gas safe engineer to fix. Click here to contact us to help. 


Ideal Boiler Error Code F1

The F1 boiler error code on an ideal brand relates to having low water pressure. You can attempt to increase the water pressure yourself, by adding water via the external filling loop, however if unsure it is best to contact a boiler engineer. It’s recommended that your water pressure should be around 1.3. Click here to contact us to help. 


Ideal Boiler Error Code F2

If you’re seeing error code ‘F2’ it means the flame has been lost from the boiler, this issue will need to be carefully assessed and fixed by a gas safe engineer. The most common reason for this error code to be displayed is a problem with the gas valve, it could be stuck, loose or have damaged wiring. Other possible causes of this fault are; a faulty fan, flue blockage, and low gas pressure.


​​When dealing with any kind of boiler, for any error code – if you smell gas immediately turn off the gas supply and contact a Gas Safe registered engineer. Click here to contact us to help.

If you’re seeing one of these error codes and it is one that can’t be safely solved yourself, we’re here to help as your local experts in everything boilers, plumbing and heating. Based in the South West, our professional, reliable service only uses qualified engineers to meet your requirements.

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