Glowworm Boiler Error Codes

Help! What does my Glowworm boiler error code mean?

Is your Glowworm boiler displaying an error code? Don’t panic, our handy guide will explain exactly what different error codes mean for common Glowworm boiler problems. 

Depending on your displayed code you may not need to hire a boiler engineer, but we would recommend doing so anyway if you’re unsure.


Glowworm Boiler error code 108 or F22 


These boiler error codes are usually related to your boiler experiencing low boiler pressure. Your boiler pressure gauge should be displaying a number between 1-1.5, if it’s below 1, then your boiler is trying to tell you there is a fault. 


Boilers gradually lose pressure over time and this is normal, however if you notice that the pressure drop was sudden this could mean there is a fault in the system causing a leak. It’s best to get your Gas Safe Engineer out to check your boiler and diagnose the problem. Need an engineer? Click here to contact us to help.


Glowworm Boiler error code F16 


A boiler error code of F16 on a Glowworm boiler means that there is a fault in detecting the flame within the boiler. Because this involves gas, if you suspect this problem you should always contact a Gas Safe engineer and never attempt to fix yourself. Click here to contact us to help.


Glowworm Boiler error code F1, F4, F28, and F29 


A condensate pipe on a condensing boiler is an important function – it transports the water produced by waste gas out of the boiler system. The pipe usually leads outside to a drain, so in winter the water inside is susceptible to freezing. Luckily, this is a pretty easy problem to fix yourself without having to enlist the help of a boiler engineer. Check out this great guide in how to thaw a frozen condensate pipe

If you feel unsure about thawing the pipe yourself, call an engineer who will be able to sort this issue for you. Click here to contact us to help.


Glowworm Boiler error code F13


A displayed error code of F13 relates to the electrical component of your boiler (the PCB). If faulty or broken the PCB will stop your boiler from working, and may be a costly expense. This will need to be looked at by a registered Gas Safe Engineer to diagnose the problem. Click here to contact us to help.

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