Landlord Gas Safety Check Exeter & Taunton.

If you’re a private landlord/landlady or letting agent anywhere between Exeter & Taunton we can make your gas worries disappear.

With onsite electronic certification we can complete your landlord gas safety check and email the certificate straight to you. No more waiting around for paper copies that you can’t see let alone read!

Based in Honiton just off the A303 we are bang in the middle of Exeter & Taunton both just 25 minutes away.

We provide an automatic reminder system so we never let you miss a safety check or service. We will contact your tenants and arrange the appointment. We can provide you and the tenant with a copy of the certificate via email or on paper if you prefer.

For further information get in touch via the contact page or give us a call 0345 193 0686.

For further pricing information and to see our deals on combined service & safety checks visit our charges page .

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