Gas Engineer in Honiton

Do you need a gas engineer in Honiton?

Synergi SW are Gas Safe Registered and work on all gas appliances including boilers, fires, cookers and many more. In need a qualified gas fitter in Honiton? Get in touch today, you can use our contact page here or call 01404 234 363 to make a booking.

Choose Synergi

Trained to the highest standards our engineers treat safety as top priority. The company require engineers to maintain training each year ensuring work is safe when using its Gas Safe registered engineer, therefore you can rest easy. Most importantly its fully certified. Only certified engineers should undertake gas work at your home. Insurance providers will require gas work to be completed by a gas safe registered company.

You can ask a engineer to show you their Gas Safe identification card at any time? When you come across a tradesman who isn’t part of the Gas Safe team STAY WELL CLEAR! Check an engineer here! I always ask for identification, would you?

Fair Price Fair Job

Honesty is important therefore we believe in transparent pricing. All prices are listed online for all to see. You can be sure of no scary bill! View our charges, follow this link. The first hour is ?65.00 + Vat this includes travel up to 25 miles. Based in Honiton your probably in our coverage area. ?45.00 + Vat is the standard rate for each hour after. For those that like to plan ahead we also provide fixed price quotations! Synergi know you like to be organised. We are going to be organised and we will offer value for money,

Do I Get A Certificate?

Gas certificates are not always needed! I know, odd isn’t it. You will get a certificate when a heat emitting appliance is installed. A gas boiler is a good example of a heat emitting appliance. However a gas cooker or gas oven will not receive a gas certificate. Its not a requirement. You will be covered by insurance as long as you have an invoice that states the work has been completed by a gas engineer, house sales and product guarantees.

To be ultra safe you could always book a gas safety inspection to get a gas safety certificate.

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?

A gas safety certificate is also known as a landlord check. By law a landlord check is required every year on a rental property.? This makes gas safety certification standard procedure. Its just testing and visual inspections applied to gas appliances determine them safe or not! Some of the main checks are…….

  • Checking gas pipes for leaks.
  • Inspecting seals that contain the dangerous fumes.
  • Ensuring ventilation is adequate for safe operation.
  • Testing all safety features

Call us to learn more. We’ve been happily helping Honiton Town with gas work since 2013.


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