Cheap Online Boiler Quote – What To Watch Out For

Google ‘cheap online boiler quote’ and you’re presented with multiple websites offering you an instant, fixed-price quotation. 

Sounds great right? Get a fast quote and compare your options online without having to leave your sofa. But, all might not be as good as it seems. We believe such a big investment requires a detailed home survey (something we offer for free with no obligation). Additionally, it might save you trouble in the future. 

We’re not out to tell you not to use these companies, you can make your own decision there. We just want to highlight some key issues to watch out for so you can be prepared and compare quotes accurately. 

Materials and Quantities

Always read the small print on your online quote. What happens if when your installer turns up they discover the job isn’t quite as they thought? 

As an example, Boxt state in their Terms and Conditions, ‘If, upon physical inspection of the site, it is determined that equipment ordered is unsuitable or technically not possible to install as ordered, then the Company will inform the customer of why the installation cannot go ahead as ordered and discuss alternative options including any delay to installation that may be incurred.’

When a Synergi boiler surveyor visits your property they make a note of all the materials and correct quantities that will be required for the job – so our engineers can turn up and get stuck in straight away. 

Smoke and Mirrors?

Some websites offer you an online price and then sub-contract the work out to other companies. Whilst these websites do state that background, technical ability and qualifications are all checked, you don’t get to read any company reviews beforehand.

In some instances they also offer ‘next day fitting’. Ask yourself why there is availability the following day. Why are they not busy enough? Do they not have a strong enough reputation to keep themselves busy? 

What would make a plumbing and heating company sign up to receive work like this? Is there a reason why they have to accept work behind the curtain of another company? 

There’s a whole bunch of questions! But here at Synergi you know exactly what you’re going to get. Read our reviews on Trustpilot here.

Fixed price… almost!

Some websites offer you a fixed price guarantee, meaning if any additional issues are found upon arrival you won’t be charged any extra. However they do put the responsibility back on the customer for submitting accurate information. 

Heatable state, ‘as long as the information which you entered during the quoting process is accurate, your price is fixed and won’t change.’ A bit scary considering most people looking for a new boiler aren’t an expert in flue types, what type of system you require, if you need a power flush or what type of control would suit your home. 

Here at Synergi we offer a fixed price guarantee once our surveyor has been to visit the site. You don’t have to worry about answering questions correctly, we’ll investigate and answer them ourselves. It’s our responsibility to quote your new boiler accurately, not yours!

Warranty versus Guarantee

Always check whether it’s a warranty or guarantee included with your new boiler. A guarantee is far superior and could protect you from unexpected costs if there is a manufacturer related fault. We find a lot of instant quote websites are unable to offer guarantees.

A guarantee is an agreement where if there was a manufacturing fault the manufacturer will attend to repair or replace the boiler no matter what the cause. On the other hand, a warranty is an agreement where the manufacturer will investigate the problem, but not necessarily fix the boiler free of charge. 

You should also check how long the duration is too. Here at Synergi we’re able to offer extended guarantees because we are accredited installers with some of the big manufacturers, such as Worcester Bosch. 

But you have an online quote tool right?

A home survey is always recommended due to the reasons mentioned above. Additionally, an example of some items which an on site survey may highlight include:

  • Gas pipe upgrade. Condensing boilers are more efficient and cheaper to run however they require a larger bore of gas supply pipe. Your gas supply pipe may well need to be upgraded from your gas meter to the boiler which could add an additional cost. 
  • Controls. Your existing controls may not be Boiler Plus Compliant or Part L compliant. Your existing controls may even be built into your boiler. If additional wiring is required this could add additional costs. 
  • Your existing boiler might not be condensing. Your new boiler will require a condense drain. If your new boiler requires a condense drain this could add additional cost. 
  • Your heating system may require a Powerflush, this will be assessed in survey and could be an additional cost. 
  • If your boiler requires a large vertical flue system to terminate via your roof this could add additional costs. New boilers require new flues, roof work, access and scaffolding could add additional costs. 
  • If your existing flue is larger than the new circular flue it could mean the wall will require plaster work and brick work in the outside wall. 
  • General plumbing. If other areas of the heating system are incorrect or require upgrading this would add additional costs. 
  • Electrical compliance. If your existing gas supply is not correctly earthed this will need to be done to comply. This will add additional costs. 

It’s also a great chance to discuss your requirements and speak to an expert about your options. 

Interested in a free home survey? Contact us here.

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