If you’ve ever had a boiler breakdown, you’ll know this tends to happen at the least convenient times! Without boiler and central heating care plans, you might find yourself out of pocket dealing with the costs of repairing or replacing your boiler.

What plans are available?

There are usually two basic types of boiler cover: for your boiler and controls, or your whole central heating system. You may be able to add in extra cover for things like plumbing, electrics and drains in a home service plan.

Good boiler plans will include the basic repairs to your boiler and controls, such as your thermostat. You should make sure the parts and labour are included so you have total peace of mind and won’t need to pay additional costs. The best plans will also cover your hot water and heating, to make sure you are not left without these vital services.

It is always recommended to have an annual boiler service through an approved Gas Safe registered engineer; another cost which can be avoided by looking for the best boiler care plan, as this is often included! Planned services increase your boiler’s reliability and lifespan, avoiding emergency boiler repairs. But with a comprehensive emergency callout plan, even these are nothing to worry about.

What to consider before choosing a plan

When choosing your boiler plan, it is important to consider the age of your boiler. Some plans will not cover an older boiler, or one which is outside the manufacturer’s guarantee period. On the flipside, boiler installation companies may offer discounted cover with a new boiler installation if it is time for a replacement!

Finally, when choosing the best boiler cover, it?s advisable to look out for a company with high ratings and testimonials from their previous customers. This gives you extra reassurance that the plan you choose will work for you.