Air source vs. ground source heat pumps: The differences

In order to understand the differences between air source and ground source heat pumps, it is initially helpful to establish exactly what heat pumps are and how they work.

The heat provided by natural sources can be successfully transferred to any building using the technology of heat pumps. Contrary to their name, they can also be used to cool, where heat is directed in the opposite way, to the outdoors.

Absorption of air – the most basic distinction

The main difference between air source and ground source heat pumps is the way that they absorb the air.

As indicated in the name, air source heat pumps use air to absorb heat, whereas ground source heat pumps absorb the air from the ground (the soil).

Financial differences

Now that you understand the basics, it is helpful to know how your choice will impact on your wallet.

Ground source heat pumps are more expensive than the air source alternative. This because of the installation process of the ground source pumps – a borehole has to be drilled in order to install it deep into the ground.

Spatial requirements

Following on from the previous point, you need to consider the facilities that you have before making a decision about which kind of air pumps to install.

As the pipes for ground source heat pumps must be buried, you must have a garden to enable this installation to take place. If you do not have this facility, then the decision is simple – opt for the best air source pump.

BUS Scheme Grants

The RHI scheme has now ended but the government are currently offering grants of £5,000 for an air source heat pump and £6,000 for a ground source heat pump. For more information visit the website

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