The UK government recently set out plans to phase out gas boilers in newly built homes in 2025 (more on this here), sparking homeowners to look into alternatives and renewable energy. As many of our clients are in East Devon and its surrounding areas, they live off the main gas grid and have been previously reliant on heating oil or LPG. However, heat pumps are a more efficient and eco-friendly way to heat your rural home.

Technology has developed hugely in the last 20 years making renewable heating products far more reliable, efficient and affordable. But what are heat pumps?

Heat pumps use natural heat energy from the environment Heat pumps and multiply it to create temperatures of up to 65 degrees! They’re usually installed outside, and look like an air conditioning unit. If you want to get into the technicals and mechanics, this article does a great job of explaining exactly where the heat comes from. They’re designed to keep your home heated at a steady temperature, and do a good job of it!

There are 2 kinds of heat pumps, a ground source heat pump and an air source heat pump, and these are differentiated by the way they get their heat. Air source heat pumps are the most common type of pumps in UK households, however if you have a lot of outdoor space, you may want to consider a ground source heat pump.

If you’re looking at upgrading an existing oil fired heating system a heat pump is definitely worth looking into. With oil costs on the rise once again fuel rates prove to be unpredictable and expensive. Heat pumps provide a heat source that is calculable and reliable.

As well as savings to be made on running costs, the UK government also has an incredible incentive called the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). The RHI is a payment plan which rewards you for using renewable technology, you can find out how much you could be entitled to here.

Save money, earn financial rewards and save the environment! Choose a heat pump to heat your home for today and for the future! To see whether the type of home you live in could benefit from a heat pump, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.